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Gaze Magazine Issue 2


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Issue 2

TheĀ second issue of GazeĀ features a meeting between the Canadian writer Nancy Huston and the author and sex worker Bebe Melkor- Kadior, follows the footsteps of Kathleen Hanna, who led the riot grrrl punk movement in the 1990s,Ā brings together older lesbian couples with the reporter LaurĆØne Daycard in an intimate and political journey,Ā sharesĀ the secrets of a mother-daughter duo on subjects of transmission and transidentity, and travels into the future with an anticipation story by Illana Weizman, who is at the heart of a parental revolution.Ā Also: the Kurdish journalist Zehra Dogan, the queer Argentinian icon Camila Sosa Vilada, the DJ Barbara ButchĀ and more.

Gaze is an ad-freeĀ bilingual French-English magazine "celebrating female perspectives."