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Hey Yum Gummy Candy Triassic Garden
Hey Yum Organic Gummy Candy Sour Flower
Hey Yum Organic Gummy Candy Magic Forest
Hey Yum! Organic Gummy Candy, Love Spring vegan flavor

Hey Yum! Organic Gummies

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Posi-vibes all around. Cute? Obvi. Yummy? Definitely. Super fresh real fruit flavors? Also yes. Always organic, sometimes vegan. Four colorful flavors: Magic Forest, Triassic Garden, Sour Flower and Love Spring. 



Magic Forest - fruity flavored and shaped like elves, butterflies, owls and other forest creatures.

Organic / Gluten free / Lactose free 

Sour Flower - fruity flavored with a sprinkling of sour sugar crystals. Shaped like flowers and bunnies.

Organic / Gluten free 

Triassic Garden - marshmallowy gummies shaped like dinosaurs.

Organic / Gluten free 

Love Spring - the berry flavored vegan option, shaped like hearts, fish and water drops.

Vegan / Organic / Gluten free / Lactose free