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PIN-UP Magazine Issue 30 - Legacy - Cover 1 - Frank Gehry photographed by Buck Ellison
PIN-UP Magazine Issue 30 - Legacy - Cover 2 -  New New York Architects Photographed byTanya and Zhenya Posternak cover


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Issue 30

The¬†Legacy¬†Issue with a¬†vinyl cover.¬†Featuring¬†two covers, one with¬†Frank O. Gehry photographed by Buck Ellison, and one¬†photographed by Tanya and Zhenya Posternak that is dedicated to eight emerging firms who are building future legacies with bold moves: A+A+A, Agency‚ÄĒAgency, ALAO, ANY, Beyond the Built Environment, Minjae Kim, Sean Canty Studio and Marsollier Villacorta LLC.

PIN-UP is "the only biannual magazine for architectural entertainment".