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Journal Safar. Issue 6. The Power Issue


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Issue 6

The Power Issue explores the commodification of academia as evaluation forms multiply and students worldwide stare out into computer screens, examines the extensive cultural and environmental narrative that Hezbollah has cultivated in Lebanon and beyond, discusses the process of dismantling racist and colonial powers structures in U.S. design institutions, shares artifacts tracing the long and complicated history of electricity shortages in Lebanon, considers the revolutionary potential of Palestinian printed material, and more.

With Alex Shams, Toufic Safié, Lynne Zakhour, Tala Safié, Kelly Walters, Samer Frangie, Giorgia Labaki, Michael Bierut, Kaleem Hawa, Monika Halkort, Alya Karame, Nour Hifaoui, Tania El Khoury, Ziad Abu-Rish, Saba Innab, Mona Harb and Lara Deeb.

Safar is Beirut’s bilingual visual and design culture magazine, providing a window into cultural production in the Middle East. Arabic and English.